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Great Coaches

You establish connection and rapport relationships with qualified professionals (CPA, CISSP, CISA etc)

Tailored Delivery

You receive 1:1 sessions with your coach to receive exclusive guidance in directing and shaping you for your CPA CFE or Career

Results Driven

You receive upgraded personalized feedback, approaches and strategies to reach your goals

Premium Resources

You receive critical resources to help you succeed

Rapid & Agile

Progress through our 8 week programs to achieve your goals with iterative strategies by our coaches

What do Protégés say about us

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Tong has helped me immensely. He has helped me with CFE and career coaching. For CFE, Tong was able to understand my strengths and weakness and provided customized feedback on a regular basis. This really helped me to work on my weaknesses early on during the CFE process. He made sure to provide detailed feedback for each case I did. With Tong’s detailed feedback on a regular basis, my case response kept on improving. In the end, I was very confident with writing CFE cases and my marks kept on improving during Capstone 2. In addition, Tong has helped me with career coaching. Tong has a lot experience in Accounting and his expertise helped me to get a successful job offer. He provided detailed feedback on my interview skills and this helped me during my actual interview. Moreover, Tong also provided his expertise on my Resume and CV, he knows what firms looks for. I am glad I met Tong during my CFE and career coaching process. I would highly recommend Tong; he is very knowledgeable with CPA and career coaching process

Dhruv M Canada | Master Grad
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Chris has been a great help for me in my job search. In the beginning, he provided me with many insights about different career paths and help me expand my choices and prioritize my efforts. Then he help me developed a comprehensive job search strategy, for example, how to perform in an interview, and when to network with recruiters and stakeholders. Chris truly cares about your career development, he checked in with me every week and offer advice for the challenges I met. Moreover, Chris really encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and look for the best opportunities. In the end, I successfully secured a position in one of the big 4. I can't imagine that my application could be so smooth without Chris.

Yi W Canada | Accounting
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Chris has a lot of patience to help you succeed. He doesn't get mad if you ask him repetitive questions because he makes sure you understand before you leave the session with him. He absolutely helped me with my interview skills because he spent time knowing me in-depth before giving me a recommendation. Thank you, Chris! I highly recommend him to those who want to horn their interview skills or need help with resumes and cover letters.

Al J Canada | Accounting
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Tong did a good job! Though we were only communicating virtually/online, he managed to help me alot. He followed up and kept in touch with me every week to know how I was doing each week and ensure I was on the track. He asked for and looked at my case writings to give advice on areas I could improve om and gave me tips to tackle my weaknesses. His suggestions on changing my writing style to adapt the CPA way were effective and helped me alot on managing my time as I was writing in a more efficient way and saved some time in writing shorter paragraphs. Most importantly, he reviewed my case writing in the last couple weeks in capstone 2 and encouraged me that I can pass the CFE when I got some disappointing results from the last couple case writings. I gained confidence and did a good job on my CFE exam

Sam C Canada | Successful CFE writer
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Tong was my CFE mentor when I was a first-time writer for the September 2020 CFE. He has been a tremendous support throughout the exam prep process – he guided me through practical tips and advice which were essential to improve my case-writing skills. He was very open to any questions I had and always provided thorough response and feedback on my unique strengths and weaknesses. His advice on various strategies such as time management enabled me to get through challenging cases, which is what ultimately helped me to become a successful CFE writer.

Jenny J Canada | Successful CFE writer
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Tong has been a great tutor in preparing me for Common Final Exam (CFE). He is knowledgeable and able to pinpoint the key points of the exam making the exam study very efficient. I completed all the CFE practice cases and he marked all of them and provided helpful feedbacks which allowed me to improve upon my weaknesses. He also followed up with me on a timely basis to ensure I was not falling behind the schedules and actively answered all of my questions and addressed to my concerns. For the past two attempts in CFE, I was unsuccessful. The help I received from Tong to prepare for CFE has helped me successfully pass CFE on the third attempt. If you are looking for a CFE coach, I strongly recommend Tong

David N Canada | Successful CFE Writer

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